We optimize content for SEO while focusing on the needs of the target audience.

Positioning – we use an original and tested positioning model.

We have checked its effectiveness many times and we are sure…. it works! We focus on increasing the number of keywords on which your company will be visible in the Google search engine. At the same time, we focus on increasing traffic to the website from free search results.
Changes, e.g. for security reasons, are implemented gradually. They include: installing analytical tools, keyword analysis, technical optimization, text optimization, and building line back office.

The marketing e-commerce land has only one ruler – the client. He is neither merciful, nor fair, not to mention understanding. Quite the contrary. He chooses, demands, strives and turns his back, looking for more interesting pleasures.
He is no longer entertained by standard, hastily written stories, he needs unique content tailored to his individual needs.

#content & #influencer
Content marketing and development of the content on the website plays a fundamental role. Google’s search engine promotes websites that contain valuable content for users and lowers the ranking of those that do not take care of this element.
Influencer marketing is currently an extremely popular form of marketing that we apply, too. It is about involving people considered to be leaders of opinions or influencers, based on specific relationships and influencing the audience.

Google Ads – immediate visibility of your business on the Internet.

Do you want to reach a specific group of potential clients/customers immediately? Google AdWords is what you need!

Types of campaigns:
Sponsored links – your text advertisement on the first page of Google search results
Remarketing – displaying your Google Ads advertisement to users who have already been on your website
Google shopping – visibility of your products and their prices on the best search results sites
Advertising display – displaying your ads on Google websites and mobile applications
Gmail advertising – displaying your ads in Gmail users’ mailboxes
Advertising on YouTube – displaying your ads on YouTube.